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No Silver Bullets

Article Posted On - April 30, 2020


The COVID-19 pandemic reveals that human greed remains a virulent strain as schemers, scammers and fraudsters peddle every manner of con in a dark bid to cash in

Earlier this year, as the COVID-19 pandemic began its march across America, famed 1980s televangelist Jim Bakker reappeared to save us all. Bakker, who fell from grace following sex scandals involving church employees and did a stretch in federal prison for fraud and conspiracy, was back on TV preaching ‘End Times’ preparedness instead of spiritual salvation. 

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Wohl & TrumpSoldier of Misfortune

Soldier of Misfortune

Article Posted On - September 26, 2019


Jacob Wohl’s high-profile partisan hijinx put him on the national radar of his political opponents, but it is his alleged criminal fraud in the investment world that have brought him to the attention of prosecutors and regulators

When Jacob Alexander Wohl appears in a Riverside County, California courtroom on October 24 to face criminal arraignment on a felony charge of illegally attempting to sell securities, the moment will open merely the latest bizarre chapter in Wohl’s transition from a high-profile political troll to an allegedly shady investment scammer.

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Boomtown Rat OneBoomtown Rat

Boomtown Rat

Article Posted On - February 1, 2019


NatGeo’s engaging miniseries captures the chaos of creation during the late 1990s dotcom boom in Silicon Valley and highlights the danger investors still face when desire trumps diligence 

It’s hard to say whether Michael Fenne, the most infamous CEO of the early Internet era, was actually as darkly charming in real life as he is portrayed by actor Steve Zahn in Valley of the Boom, the miniseries aired on the National Geographic Channel.

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Crash Scene UplandBurning Verdict

Burning Verdict

Article Posted On - November 15, 2017


Los Angeles trial attorney Brian Brandt, winner of the largest wrongful death award in California history, knows how critical investigators are to his courtroom success

One fact was never in dispute during perhaps the most epic personal injury trial ever slugged out in a California courtroom: Kylie and Blaine Asam had watched helplessly as flames slowly consumed their family’s SUV on the Foothill freeway and burned their parents and brother to death in the early morning hours of November 22, 2009. While Blaine survived the initial crash, he would not survive the accident: he committed suicide after leaving a note that read he wanted to be with his mom, dad and brother.

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capasso_1The Big Lie

The Big Lie

Article Posted On - August 14, 2017


A deepening scandal in Broward County, Florida exposes the ever-present danger of executive resume fraud

Beverly Capasso was a respected and experienced health administrator in South Florida. In May 2017, after beating out several competitors she was named interim president and CEO of the troubled Broward Health system, a job that pays up to $955,000 a year.

That is when all hell broke loose.

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