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hdr_pic1aIn a global marketplace it is critical for businesses, financial institutions and their legal advisors to make informed decisions. Whether it is hiring an new executive, acquiring a rival firm or making a strategic investment, dynamic companies cannot afford to make mistakes. If your business relies on human talent to be successful it is important to have a trusted, experienced partner to develop the necessary business intelligence and background information prior to closing the deal.

Sapient Investigations, Inc. works closely with its clients to gather and analyze hard-to-get information on a wide range of pivotal business decisions and legal issues.

hdr_pic2aFrom vetting potential business partners or a new board member to conducting time sensitive complex business dispute and litigation investigations, Sapient Investigations, Inc. is the expert firm you can rely on to deliver sensitive information in a timely fashion. Every Sapient Investigations, Inc. project is a customized engagement tailored to the specific situation and needs of our clients.

Sapient Investigations, Inc. has more than a decade worth of experience providing these consulting services to law firms, Fortune 500 companies, financial institutions as well as private equity and venture capital firms.

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Boomtown Rat OneBoomtown Rat

Boomtown Rat

NatGeo’s engaging miniseries captures the chaos of creation during the late 1990s dotcom boom in Silicon Valley and highlights the danger investors still face when desire trumps diligence 

It’s hard to say whether Michael Fenne, the most infamous CEO of the early Internet era, was actually as darkly charming in real life as he is portrayed by actor Steve Zahn in Valley of the Boom, the miniseries aired on the National Geographic Channel.

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Executive-Level Background Checks

Most companies conduct background checks of new executives or board members as an essential precaution these days. The price of making a bad hire is simply too great. Companies need complete confidence that they can they trust the background and reputation of new senior hires.

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Investigative Due Diligence

It is critical for businesses to conduct comprehensive due diligence prior to a merger, acquisition, significant investment, or strategic relationship with a partner or key vendor. Our extensive background checks of companies and principals are designed to get you the information you need to make the right business decision.

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Litigation & Business Dispute Investigations

Sapient Investigations works with attorneys across the country in a wide variety of business dispute and complex litigation scenarios to develop critical intelligence and evidence to support their cases. Often this involves profiling opposing parties; identifying, locating and interviewing key sources and witnesses; and procuring hard-to-get information.

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