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About Us

About Us

sapient_logo2Sapient Investigations, Inc. is a national corporate intelligence firm that provides business dispute and integrity services to attorneys, private equity firms and businesses.  Our team is comprised of veteran corporate investigators with deep contacts in the business world, law enforcement circles, and state and local government.

It is our mission to ensure that our clients get the critical, actionable intelligence that they need in a timely fashion to make wise business or legal decisions. We pursue that objective by always employing the highest ethical standards and integrity in the course of our investigations.

What we do for you

In a global marketplace it is critical for businesses, financial institutions and their legal advisors to make informed decisions. Whether it is hiring an new executive, acquiring a rival firm or making a strategic investment, dynamic companies cannot afford to make mistakes. If your business relies on human talent to be successful it is important to have a trusted, experienced partner to develop the necessary business intelligence and background information prior to closing the deal.

Sapient Investigations, Inc. works closely with its clients to gather and analyze hard-to-get information on a wide range of pivotal business decisions and legal issues. From vetting potential business partners or a new board member to conducting time sensitive asset searches and litigation investigations, Sapient Investigations, Inc. is the expert firm you can rely on to deliver sensitive information in a timely fashion. Every Sapient Investigations, Inc. project is a customized engagement tailored to the specific situation and needs of our clients.

Sapient Investigations, Inc. has more than a decade worth of experience providing these services to Fortune 500 companies, private equity firms and top law firms.

Litigation Investigations

Sapient Investigations works with attorneys in a wide variety of business dispute and complex litigation scenarios to develop critical intelligence and evidence to support their cases. Often this involves profiling opposing parties; identifying, locating and interviewing key sources and witnesses; and procuring hard-to-get information.

Investigative Due Diligence

It is critical for businesses to conduct comprehensive due diligence prior to a merger, acquisition, significant investment, or strategic relationship with a partner or key vendor. Our extensive background checks of companies and principals are designed to get you the information you need to make the right business decision.

Executive-Level Background Checks

Most companies conduct background checks of new executives or board members as an essential precaution these days. The price of making a bad hire is simply too great. Companies need complete confidence that they can they trust the background and reputation of new senior hires.

Asset Search Investigations

The Sapient Investigations, Inc. team has a long history of tracking and recovering assets for its clients in the U.S. and abroad.

Fraud Investigations

Sapient Investigations, Inc. specializes in investigating fraud, whether internal or external. We assist our clients uncover evidence of wrongdoing, and compile cases that can be taken directly to law enforcement. We are registered with the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

Corporate Contests/Proxy Fights

Proxy fights are often the most critical time for management to retain experienced corporate investigators. Sapient Investigations assists clients and their legal teams develop and execute defense strategy by analysing opponents’ track records and relevant issues related to the competency and reputation of the proposed slate of directors.

Employment Investigations

Sapient Investigations, Inc. investigates a variety of employment related cases including workplace claims of sexual harassment and discrimination. Working with the company and its attorneys, we gather facts, assess credibility, and examine supporting evidence to evaluate the issues in a fair and unbiased manner.

Intellectual Property/Trade Secrets Investigations

The infringement of intellectual assets and theft of trade secrets by employees and competitors is a growing and costly problem for companies. We have extensive experience working with clients to develop strategies to investigate these types of complex cases.