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black-tie-galaHollywood Hustle

Hollywood Hustle

Article Posted On - May 9, 2017


The glamour of Hollywood provides no protection from charlatans who continue to swindle everyone from pop stars, famous actors and even charities

From its earliest days, Hollywood’s pop stars and famous actors have been an irresistible target for thieves, hustlers, swindlers and scam artists hoping to siphon off some of Tinsel Town’s vast wealth.

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John P. RogersBlinded by Unicorns

Blinded by Unicorns

Article Posted On - January 11, 2017


Venture capitalists invest in many promising start-ups hoping to cash in on the next billion dollar company, these grand visions however may be blinding investors to red flags for fraud

Industry analysts are projecting that 2017 will be a banner year for start-ups. But while venture capitalists are poised to unleash a tidal wave of cash into promising new businesses, dreaming of hitching their wagon to the next unicorn, it remains to be seen whether professional investors will have learned any of the hard lessons of the past decade.

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trace-enquiries-gs-crop-1000x380Searchers Is Now Sapient Investigations

Searchers Is Now Sapient Investigations

Article Posted On - October 13, 2016



After 50 years of providing investigation services to clients across the country, Searchers has been acquired by Sapient Investigations, one of the premier business intelligence firms in the nation today.

Searchers founder Lee Beck, the legendary investigator whose clients ranged from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation to the Recording Industry Association of America, chose Sapient Investigations as the inheritor of his professional love and labor.

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Pat Haden USCSacked


Article Posted On - July 9, 2016


The University of Southern California’s Pat Haden fumbled the hiring and firing of head football coach Steve Sarkisian. Was it because he failed to conduct proper due diligence?

As a former NFL quarterback, Pat Haden has faced his share of tough spots. But in October 2015, as the University of Southern California’s Athletic Director, Haden peered out at the assembled media and it must have looked more grim than the fabled ‘silver and black attack’ of the Oakland Raiders.

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civil judgmentJudgment Day

Judgment Day

Article Posted On - November 5, 2015


An investor learns the hard way that a civil judgment can be little more than a certificate for bitter frustration

(The following story is a factual account of an investor’s efforts to enforce a civil judgment. Names have been changed or omitted to protect the privacy of the investor.)

On a crisp January morning in 2014, in a ramshackle motel room not far from Pismo Beach, California, Ryan Pound watched the lukewarm, fetid water of the bathtub slowly change color as crimson clouds billowed from the veins he had opened in each arm.

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