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Pat Haden USCSacked


Article Posted On - July 9, 2016


The University of Southern California’s Pat Haden fumbled the hiring and firing of head football coach Steve Sarkisian. Was it because he failed to conduct proper due diligence?

As a former NFL quarterback, Pat Haden has faced his share of tough spots. But in October 2015, as the University of Southern California’s Athletic Director, Haden peered out at the assembled media and it must have looked more grim than the fabled ‘silver and black attack’ of the Oakland Raiders.

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civil judgmentJudgment Day

Judgment Day

Article Posted On - November 5, 2015


An investor learns the hard way that a civil judgment can be little more than a certificate for bitter frustration

(The following story is a factual account of an investor’s efforts to enforce a civil judgment. Names have been changed or omitted to protect the privacy of the investor.)

On a crisp January morning in 2014, in a ramshackle motel room not far from Pismo Beach, California, Ryan Pound watched the lukewarm, fetid water of the bathtub slowly change color as crimson clouds billowed from the veins he had opened in each arm.

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Article Posted On - June 25, 2015


A Silicon Valley tech exec invests $1.2 million in a Napa wine company but pays with his life

What was racing through the mind of Emad Tawfilis on March 16, 2015 as he ran for his life through the Napa Valley vineyard in which he had invested more than $1.2 million? Shot and bleeding, Tawfilis frantically dialed 911 to report his estranged business partner was pursuing him in a Toyota SUV, gunning the engine as he moved in for the kill.

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High Times For Fraud

High Times For Fraud

Article Posted On - February 10, 2015


Retail investors hoping to cash in on the legal marijuana industry have not fared well

The legal marijuana business is booming. With medical marijuana laws and pot decriminalization sweeping across the country – voters in Oregon, Alaska and the District of Columbia approved ballot measures in November’s mid-term elections – observers project that over the next five years annual cannabis industry revenues in the U.S. could mushroom to more than $10 billion.

But despite the apparent evolution of marijuana from pariah to legal golden goose, investing in the marijuana business can still be the equivalent of a bad trip.

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09BURLEIGH-videoSixteenByNine1050The Talented Mr. Rockefeller

The Talented Mr. Rockefeller

Article Posted On - May 10, 2013


Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter duped Wall Street and East Coast social circles for years with his charm and lies. But he couldn’t talk his way out of a California murder.

The epic saga of Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter, the imposter who posed as an heir to the Rockerfeller fortune and ingratiated himself into East Coast high finance and blue blood social circles finally came to an end on April 10, when a Los Angeles jury found him guilty of first degree murder for the 1985 killing of Jonathan Sohus in the upscale bedroom community of San Marino.

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